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Chariots and More Chariots: Gaming at the Jonathan Trumbull Library in Lebanon, Connecticut 10/8/22

On Saturday, October 8th, Jim Stanton and Peter Anderson made the trek to Lebanon, CT, for a day of gaming at the Jonathan Trumbull Library. The day was a lot of fun, and even better was the fact that the vast majority of the players were brand new to the hobby.

Peter mentioned that the game was wonderful, with players picking up on the rules relatively quickly. In this case, he used the ever popular "To The Strongest" rules written by Simon Miller. The game utilizes a grid system, which gives the rules a boardgame like feel. The fact that players don't need to measure distances gets away from the more nitpicky, precise systems that flood the ancients/medievals market. While many of those rulesets are great as well, Next Gen has always found that gridded systems are perfect for new players.

The players had a blast, with the most notable moment coming from the Egyptian flanking chariots smashing through the enemy and taking both camps.

Note that in addition to the rules being unique for the gridded board, players flip cards instead of rolling dice for hits and saves. This creates a fast paced, vibrant game.

We're looking forward to getting back to the library for another game. The player base was sensational, and with any luck, we can get even more interested participants for the next session.

We have plenty more events coming up in the future, and always look here for some images and write ups from the day.

If you or someone you know is interested in booking Next Gen for an event, please reach out via the contact form or via our email at

Happy gaming!

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