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D-Day at Scranton Memorial- A Day of WW2 Gaming on 6/4/22!

This past Saturday, Next Gen was back at the Scranton Memorial Library in Madison, CT, for a day of gaming. This time, friends John Manning, Roland Fricke, Tom Cusa, and Derek Gilman were in attendance running WW2 games in 25mm. The theme was D-Day, given that we were on the heels of the anniversary of the June 6th landings.

The games were stunning, as were the GMs at navigating the rules for new players. There was a lot of foot traffic in the community room, where we played two games back to back- first, the actual landings, and second, a bridge holding game with US paratroopers against attacking Germans.

We had several new players, all from the general Madison area, who were familiar with table top gaming but not necessarily Bolt Action. Colin, the librarian at Madison, and his father both got into the action as well. We had a really good time, both in terms of playing the games and talking about Next Gen, history, and gaming in general.

I got the chance to meet several parents who just wanted to see what the program was about, which was a treat. Given that each of them had connections to their local superintendents and board of ed, it's possible we may be able to bring games to an even wider audience in Madison.

Please enjoy the photos!

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