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Gaming with the Hudson Scholars- Next Gen in Tarrytown, NY, 7/8/22

On Friday, July 8th, Next Gen put together a full day gaming program for the Hudson Scholars. Organized and run by my former colleague Dave Sykes, Hudson Scholars serves 60+ students from the Tarrytown/Sleepy Hollow area. The program, run at the Hackley School, is a 6 week academic enrichment program designed to provide students with opportunities to take courses, receive mentorship, and go on local trips to learn more about local history, politics, and geography.

Thus, gaming was one small part of the scholars first Friday series of activities- though we'd argue it was the most fun! John and Jim put together a great set of games for the kids, including the ever popular joust and a Trench Wars battle. Pretty wild to say, but Next Gen served nearly 100 players over the course of "4" 90 minute sessions. It went so well that we're already in talks to return in the Fall for more gaming opportunities.

All said, we're very happy with the way the event turned out. Apparently there were many high points- everything from medieval knights being unhorsed to raucous cheers, to a German tank being knocked out, with the entire room apparently going crazy as it was happening!

Please enjoy the rest of the photos. We'll see the Hudson Scholars again, and many of our readers very soon, at Historicon 2022!

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