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Next Gen at Historicon 2021: News From the Front!

This past November, HMGS (Historical Miniatures Gaming Society) hosted its flagship convention, Historicon, at the Valley Forge Convention Center in Pennsylvania. Next Gen, being a partner of HMGS, had its own club room, and hosted games all weekend. Many of our friends and collaborators were on hand running everything from Dark Ages warfare, to Napoleonics, to battles on the high seas, to even Gnome Wars!

One of our most frequent and accomplished GMs, Dr. Peter Anderson took some wonderful photos during the convention, and wrote up an after action report as he always does.

If you've never been to his site, not only can you check out all things Historicon/Next Gen, but you can also get detailed write ups on all the games Peter ran at the con, which were many!


If you are interested in being a GM at a Next Gen event, whether that means running a miniatures game, board game, or roleplaying game, please reach out to us via the contact page.

Happy gaming!

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