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Spring/Summer Events: Building Steam and Moving Forward!

It's been a busy season for HMGS Next Gen, Inc. We're beginning to solidify ourselves as THE go to game facilitators in the Tri-State area. In short, if you're a library, school, or business looking to have some fun, learn something, and even build towards a more fruitful future, Next Gen can provide that opportunity. The photos I've posted here are from a series of events we've run at libraries across Connecticut and NY over the last few months. Please enjoy the collage, and check below for some more information about what Next Gen is up to.

Keep scrolling for more photos!

As we start to hid the midpoint of summer, more exciting things are in the works. As I write this, Next Gen is up and running and Historicon 2023, located in downtown Lancaster, PA. John Spiess and crew are already running games in the Next Gen club room, and I'll be there on Friday running games and carrying on podcasts for "20 Sided Gamified". I've had some amazing guests on including Rick Priestley, Dave Taylor, Matt Rendar from Battle Tribe, Eric Farrington, Chelsea Viteri and so many more!

We've also brought on Kelly McManus to help run communications for Next Gen, with an emphasis on the corporate side of things. We plan to dive headfirst into professional trainings using games before the year is over.

See you at Historicon!

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