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Summer Programming 2021

Next Gen is pleased to announce that we've got a variety of gaming opportunities cooking for the summer. First is our Miniature Gaming Summer Institute. We'll be working with two libraries- Greenburgh Public Library and Gardiner Library (Both in NY), to host tabletop miniature gaming events. In each case, sign ups are for students in grades 7-12. Expert Next Gen facilitators will be on hand to re-create famous battles of the past. Do you have what it takes to lead and command? Can you work as part of a team? We'll find out this summer!

Next Gen's second offering is our Role-Play Gaming Summer Institute. Students (grades 7-12) will have the opportunity to play Dungeons and Dragons, in a campaign created and formulated by the facilitators themselves. Whether you are a novice or an experienced gamer, students will have a great time learning to be part of an adventuring team. Our programming goes beyond a simple dungeon crawl, or a paint-by-numbers, static game . Instead, players will be confronted by a moral dilemma, and will need to think carefully about their actions and potential impact on the setting around them. In our version of roleplaying, the narrative reigns supreme. We have 5 libraries currently enrolled in the program: Greenburgh, Gardiner, Valley Cottage, Middletown Thrall, and Ellenville.

We will see you this summer!

If you are a librarian, teacher, administrator, community director, or a camp director and have interest in being part of the Next Gen team, do not hesitate to reach out. We are more than happy to talk with you about setting up programming for you.


The Next Gen Team

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Peter Anderson
Peter Anderson
May 22, 2021

I see you have dates set for the D& D sessions. I looks like the Miniature Gaming Summer Institute is still a bit dates and details to be determined, which isn't surprising.

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