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Winter Wargaming + Other Tidbits- 2023 with HMGS Next Gen, Inc

Greetings to all of you avid readers of the Next Gen blog! 2023 has started off in a great way for Next Gen, as we've booked out a bunch of events at some new places as well as familiar haunts.

Over the past two months, we've had events at libraries in Gardiner, NY, as well as Lebanon and Simsbury, Connecticut. Additionally, we went back to Westchester Community College for some miniatures gaming, and, at the very last moment, ran a game for the "Battle for Salvation" game club in Harrison, NY.

We've got tons of great photos from each event. Please enjoy them as you continue the article!

And here are some more.....

Over the next few weeks, we'll be making our first run out to the Tabletop Gaming Center in Newington, Connecticut, in which we'll host several games of Bolt Action. In all honesty- it may be the nicest game store I've ever been in, and they have a huge following of boardgamers, miniatures players, and roleplay gamers. We're looking forward to this event quite a bit! We'll also be returning to Gardiner and Westchester Community College in the Spring.

Finally, I started a podcast called the 20Sided Gamified Podcast (LLC). I'm using the pod as a platform to interview interesting people in the gaming community, and promote gaming and gaming culture to the best of my ability. It'll also be a nice place to talk a bit about Next Gen, our philosophies and such.

Our first guest was a real legend in the community- Rick Priestley of Games Workshop and Warlord Games fame.

If you're interested in listening, I've included the Spotify. You can also find the pod on most other major carriers of podcasts.

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